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About two months ago, I was approached by the new owners of our local gym to redesign and handpaint the smoothie bar area to better match their awesome protein shake offerings and to add an energetic look to the space. I said "yes!" and set to work to create a fresh look that they would love.
Legend has it that there actually had been an espresso machine in commission at the time the original mural was painted, but that's ancient history, so it was definitely time for a facelift.
Here's what it looked like before:
And here was one of my proposed designs, which I made in Photoshop. This ended up being the design that was chosen and approved by the owners:
Around December 15th, I began work on the mural in the wee hours of the mornings, usually between 2 and 5am so I wouldn't get in the way of the employees who needed the bar space to do their work during normal business hours. Also, I don't particularly like showboating my so-called artistic process and this solution allowed me to fumble to completion (or as success gurus say, "fail forward") with more quiet and privacy.
The project took much longer than I forecasted and there were many times when I feared that I was trying the owners' patience! Thankfully, they were very understanding and supportive.
Here are the progress pics (in black and white for dramatic effect):
But all of this produced, in the end, a beautiful result.
I bonded with some wonderful folks in the cold morning darkness over coffee and conversation, I got to listen to approximately 30 Impact Theory episodes (amaze!), and I GREW as a person and an artist.
I now present to you Woodland Fitness Center's new and improved smoothie bar:
I hope the result invigorates and inspires. Most of all, I hope it adds value to all the gym members' experience and does the owners proud. Thank you, Ryan and Ryan for this opportunity. Now, go treat yourself to a smoothie, Woodland Park!

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