Sketchbook Roundup 2019 - Weeks 12 & 13

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Last week, at the local frozen yogurt shop, I came across an antique Mother Goose-style children's book with strange stories/weird poems/bizarre illustrations. It was nearly grotesque, and I was cautiously fascinated. I know you've seen these types of books before, ye olden books with stories about a man vexing his wife and how she put him in the rabbit cage and fed him sage and mint through the wires. Or like, making comparisons between the cherubic children who eat all their dinner vs. the wicked and naughty ones who don't and the peril that ensues.
Anyhow, I was obviously impacted by the illustrations, because when I sat down to freesketch over the next few days, this is what I made. Hopefully, it has a sweet weird but not totally alienating weird vibe like some of the pictures I saw that day at the yogurt shop! Either way, it's done. So, enjoy! 

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