Sketchbook Roundup 2019 - Week 4

Sketchblog Sketchbook Roundup 2019

This edition of "Sketchbook Roundup 2019" comes at you speedily this week! I have completed my goal of 100 humans sketched/painted/drawn in January, and I just wanted to share that. (Cue slow clapping.)
So, was using gesture studies as approximately half my self-assigned quota some sort of cheat? I don't know. They helped with making the bodies of the last four men, so I am standing by their hefty contribution. 
That said, I love the last four dudes! They were made on regular old copy paper using ink, Sharpies, paint markers, and gouache. And now I am done with this particular challenge. (Thanks again to unsplash! I heart you.)
I hope you enjoyed the journey! I have included the final composite for kicks.

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