"Sienna", My First Portrait Made with iPad Pro

New Works

Mind blown.
This iPad Pro is a game-changer, so much so that it's difficult for me to describe currently because my jaw is still scraping the floor. It's intuitive, it's responsive... it's practically magical.
This week was my first week to play with an iPad of any kind, and I was so lucky as to get to play with the new 2018 12.9"-screened one! I say "play" with a decided sense of liberty, as everything on this device feels like play. I can try so many techniques, I can work in layers, there's a pencil to make lines with, it truly feels like drawing in "real life", and I can make something terrible or great and undo it, if I want! It's amaze.
I called this portrait Sienna, not sure why. She took me a while, especially as I was getting my bearings with the brushes and tools, etc. but I'm so loving this process and just wanted to share.

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