Mountain Arts Festival Recap


The turnout for the Mountain Arts Festival was healthy this year! Lots of arts, crafts, and food vendors and lots of strolling patrons. I enjoyed getting to meet a few patrons of my own: folks who connected with my work, invested in it, and took it home with them. Thank you, everyone!
My tent and all its inventory was thrashed by the wind on Saturday night, but I was thankful that my neighbor at the festival was gracious and understanding. My tent/tables/pieces actually wound up kind of hung up and leaning against hers by Sunday morning, and it had knocked some of her items to the ground as well. So glad she dealt with yarn and not glassware!
The takeaway: anchor, anchor, anchor. I thought my tent was good to go, but I really should have put something like 100-pounds weights on each post. 
The other takeaway: food tastes better at fairs.

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