"Lake Life" Custom Painted Cabin Sign

New Works

While away to the "North Country" of Minnesota and Wisconsin these past couple weeks, I was asked to paint a sign for a lakeside cabin. 
My brother-in-law had already assembled his whitetail deer mount to three planks of beautiful aged dock wood, so that was ready to go.
What I did first was make a mock-up using the Font Candy app, which allowed me to put some ideas directly on the photo of the sign. All that was left to do was paint it!
A couple surprises and "happy accidents" transpired, one being that the old wood was actually very soft, which was challenging at first, but also malleable and responsive to reductive carving! This quality allowed me to add details I hadn't anticipated at first.
The other surprise was that one of the outdoor tables on the property shattered in a windstorm while we were there, but it left a plethora of pretty glass shards that we painted and added to the sign. This was my husband's great idea, and I employed him and a couple sweet nieces to get that prepped.
The sign is now hanging in a lovely screened-in porch, flanked by two antique water skis. So honored to have been part of this cool project!

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