First Friday Night Creative Chill of 2019


Well everyone, it finally happened. We were finally able to get together for the first Woodland Park Parks and Rec Friday Night Creative Chill of the year, and it was sold out and off the chain!
It had been billed as a double-header after the two snow-related cancellations that happened in January, but we got into the flow of the alcohol ink tiles so much and so long that we decided to turn the paper flowers into a take-home project. Some very nice ladies helped me assemble kits that everyone got to bring with them so they could give paper flowers a whirl on their own, but don't worry! I sent them a link to Lia Griffith's site.
THANK YOU to every beautiful person who participated. You are making this happen, Woodland Park, and I'm deeply grateful. See you next time for etched copper!

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