A throwback, a find, and a glimpse at process


Our cat/s knocked over a framed picture that was propped against one of my art studio's walls last night. When I found the picture facedown this morning, I also found three drawings in a folder behind it. Surprise!
I had stashed these strange little preliminary sketches of birds, predators, and antlered animals there for "safekeeping" over a year ago, and in the meantime had forgotten all about their existence.
Well, here ya go. The sketches were done in ballpoint pen, colored pencil, and Sharpie; the finals (which were mailed to a dear friend) in Inktense pencils, India ink, and acrylic on 8x10" canvas boards. I have placed them side-by-side just for kicks.
Happy Friday! And thank you, silly kittens everywhere.

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